Wood charcoal for barbecuing

Two specialized brands of wood charcoal are fully produced, packaged and delivered in  Europe by the Carborop Group

Safe, green charcoal
From FSC certified forests in Lithuania and Belorussia, Carborop’s wood charcoal is manufactured using the industrial technique of continuous pyrolysis.

By allowing the temperature to rise while controlling it, this technique completely breaks down tarry substances. Using a condenser and suction system, the charcoal is stripped of its volatile matter (gas, tars, humidity, etc.) keeping only the best of its carbon content and its heat-generating properties.
CARBOROP charcoal means enjoying the delicious taste of barbecue while still protecting your health and the environment!

Two barbecue product ranges
Two brands are distributed by CARBOROP:

available in supermarkets and superstores ;
Master Gril 
available in specialized stores (DIY, garden centers, etc...)

Because of the production method, these two product ranges combine and balance the properties of different tree varieties used to make them:
Conifers are easy to light;
Hardwood or deciduous, is denser and guarantees long-lasting embers..

Production capacities
Bagging: to secure its supplies, the group has two packaging facilities located in Lithuania and Belorussia. Each facility is equipped with automatic bagging lines which ensure product consistency and cleanliness.

Storage: in order to ensure quick deliveries, several pallets are stored before the season in one of the Carbonarius Group’s warehouses.

Logistics: the group is a shareholder in a Lithuanian transport company, specialized in freight to France and Western Europe. Thanks to the well developed vehicle fleet in Lithuania and neighboring countries, deliveries are carried out very quickly.

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