Sustainable management

Health and environmental protection: distributed by Carborop, the charcoal and its by-products are produced in an enviro-responsible way.

Enviromentally responsible production
Our production is based on modern, clean and productive technology.

Continuous pyrolytic carbonization is particularly environmentally friendly and safe for employees working around the furnace. Smoke, liquids or tars, all substances that are released into the environment by traditional techniques, are recycled here by being recovered, treated and used.

Finally, with carbon sequestration, our production system has a zero carbon footprint, providing the Carbonarius Group with the possibility of offsetting carbon emission rights of other higher-polluting industries (according to changes in carbon emission trading regulations).

Protecting natural resources
From choosing raw materials to production and packaging, the Carbonarius Group handles every phase. Each of the group’s factories has undertaken the ISO 14001 certification process, and has been audited for its quality and environmental compliance.

The wood used to produce charcoal comes from FSC forests in Lithuania and Belorussia. With one-third of their surface area covered by forests, Eastern European countries represent 10% of the world’s forests with several varieties such as birch, aspen, alder and conifers.

This raw material guarantees both the quality of the charcoal produced and sustainable management of natural resources.

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421 route de Grenade
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