Industrial Process

Carborop can supply mass quantities of high quality production adapted to several uses.

An innovative manufacturing method
The charcoal produced by Carborop is obtained using a continuously operating pyrolysis furnace.

Developed by Gaurus Technology, this carbonization technology at very high temperatures makes it possible to produce high quality wood charcoals. Our industrial tool is able to produce different kinds of charcoal depending on the final use, from 70% to more than 90% fixed carbon content.

Wood charcoal: barbecuing
Micronized biocarbon: industry, agriculture

In addition, unlike traditional techniques, the pyrolysis furnace makes it possible to recover and recycle carbonization by-products, such as pyroligneous gases, oils, liquids and tars.

Green Chemistry
Research & Development

This technique guarantees high quality production, both industrially and environmentally. Finally, control of the process allows us to easily adapt to our customers’ needs.

Production capacities
Manufacturing settings are managed and controlled by an automaton which ensures regularity and quality for different production lines.

Operating 24 hours a day, each furnace developed by Gaurus Technology treats 25,000 tons of wood and produces 5,000 tons of charcoal, 5,000 m3 of pyrolysis oils and 4,000 tons of gas annually.

The group’s factories, located in Belorussia and Lithuania, have an overall capacity of:

Charcoal20,000 ton / year
Pyrolysis oils 20,000 m3 / year
Pyroligneous gas16,000 tons / year

Other investments have been planned to increase the production capacity to 50,000 tons of charcoal per year in the next three years.

Carborop is the main contact for the distribution of its product lines in Western Europe.

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